Is Your Website Built for 30 Thousand Naira?

Do you want a business reputation of cheap, simple and crappy? Most people don’t want a business reputation of cheap and simple, yet – we do meet clients that throw back a reaction when they hear the proposed cost for developing a website for them; reactions like – i saw an advert in the newspaper of website development for just 20 thousand naira.

This is Nigeria, a country where we all love to get things cheap, save money and we have also developed a mentality of associating getting things cheap for being smart by thinking the other party wants to swindle us.

Your website is your first contact with your brand, it is the first impression they get when they think you and this sets a benchmark for their expectations. The last thing you want potential customers thinking is, “I don’t really think they are serious, there is nothing useful on their website, it looks crappy and does not look updated in 5 years”

We now live in a connected economy, where your prospects, customers and competitors are all in the same place –the Internet. “If your competition has clearly spent thousands of dollars on web design and internet marketing do you really think that your $100 website will make any comparable impact on potential clients? What do you think your clients will choose as the deciding factor when making a choice between 3 or more options, professionalism, time spent, cost, or value added to his bottom line?”

As the saying goes – “Time is money”. No one really works for free, people always think of potential value exchange even subconsciously. However, if you have already decided to engage the service of a web designer, who offered to spend so much of his time, add value to your company and sounds very professional, promising to deliver the world to you; caveat!!! You may be in for a scam, because a 30 thousand naira website service provider will not go the extra mile to give you a one on one consultation, visit you in your office, pay attention to simple details and value the business relationship with your brand. The conclusion of the whole matter is: an investment in a cheap website will tarnish the reputation and image of your business.

Over the years we have had contact with small and medium scale businesses that had to redesign their website because they chose the cheap and simple path. Generally for a start-up, the cost for website development should be included in the start-up cost and for an existing business online marketing should be included in your marketing cost.

Do you feel your company website was badly done? Do you believe that your web-designer could have done better for the cost spent? Or do you have examples of badly designed websites which do not give the right brand perception? Please share it with us.

Also, if you are curious as to what impression your website gives? Kindly leave the link with us and we will be glad to review it for you.

Michael Abisuga,
Idea-to-Reality Strategist
+234 806 112 6646

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