Why it is getting harder to Market on Social Media

Marketing on social media is harder than it used to be. Around 5 years ago, you would post a basic picture on Instagram or Facebook, write an engaging caption, add one or two hashtags, and that post will reach half of your friends and followers, it will also reach people that are not in your network. You can also get some reach and new followers, just by posting consistently. Alot of businesses and individuals were building and increasing their social following considerably, even without running paid Ads.

In recent times (read as 2022), even if you run adverts and it’s not done effectively, you will just end up wasting money.

So why is this happening? Why is it harder to reach more people? We will highlight three of some of the reasons why:

Instagram for example, has  1 billion active user base, and there are over 200 million active business accounts now on Instagram. There are a lot of contents flying around, as individuals, large and small businesses have turned to social media as a means to reach more people, engage and make sales.
Instagram stories alone has more than 500 million posts in a day.
There are so much contents that users’ attention span has dropped considerably.
If you are to effectively get the attention of user in your target market, you will need to critically plan and execute the contents you post.

The Algorithm
We are not just battling for users attention, we are also in contention with the Algorithm. The Algorithm is what the creators and owners of the platform use to determine how far your contents will go and who will see it.
For example, A Facebook post with a nice picture will get favoured by the algorithm over one with no picture. Or a Facebook post with a URL linking outside Facebook will not get much mileage.

The Social Media Platform
As an extension of the challenge posed by the Algorithm – the social media platform also presents their own unique challenge. They are in it for the money, and if everyone can reach their desired goals of using their platforms without paid adverts, the social media giants will be out of business. So, they try as much as possible through their algorithm to limit your reach and they encourage you to run adverts to reach more of your target audience.


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