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A Party

A Party you won’t want to Miss

For most people in this present age, the first thing we reach for after waking up is our mobile phone. Mobile penetration in the Nigeria economy has witnessed tremendous growth with more than 70% of the population with a mobile device whether a smart phone or un-smart phone. :D.    It is however safe to conclude that this devices are very personal to most people and they can’t live a day without it.

The greatest place for any business or organisation to sell its products or services is where they find a lot of prospects – and mobile is that market place. For any entity to want to compete for market share in any field and is missing on the mobile landscape is suicidal. Not having a mobile marketing strategy is like being missing in a big party where all your competitors and potential customers are present; you will miss out on the red carpet, the thrills and grills, menu and delicacies, what your competitors are  doing, your customers aspirations and on the opportunity to network and create new relationships.

The truth is there is at least one mobile marketing strategy that fits your business, discovering and implementing that strategy will be a rather captivating and rewarding endeavour. You don’t have to send bulk customised SMS because your competitors have adopted the same bandwagon. Which points out the fact that you won’t want to eat every meal in a huge party, you have to consider the working of your body system and your objectives for attending the party.

The ability to know the past, present and the future of an event or concept is important in making advancement in any field. More people are now connected to the internet on their mobile devices than on computers and the numbers is just increasing. Your competitors might have realised the importance of developing a marketing strategy targeting mobile users and you can’t afford to be left behind.

You can read more from our mobile marketing services page on why you need to take your advertising towards the mobile route and see the different types of mobile marketing activities.

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