Content Marketing

Content is a very powerful word in the Internet age, empowering people everywhere to have a voice. Through words, video, audio, and all its other forms, content tells the story of your product or service and propels your brand into the hearts and minds of your prospects, customers, and others. Without content, the web would simply be an empty shell of graphics, meaningless navigational menus, and links that go to empty pages. Good content is critical.

Listed below are samples of the types of web and mobile content you can produce:

Blog posts

Website pages

YouTube videos


Case studies



White papers

Content widgets


Autoresponders (a type of e-mail)


Digital magazines

Press releases


Difference between social media and content marketing

People tend to mistaken social media marketing with content marketing, below are few differences between the two:

The type of content

In social media marketing, content is created for the networks: for example: 140 character messages for Twitter, contests for Facebook or discussion points for LinkedIn.

With content marketing the focus is on informative content: 500 – 800 word blog posts, 3-5 minute explainer videos, case studies, guides or reports. In this instance teams need editorial and journalistic skills and disciplines to create content that will grow a brand’s thought leadership and authority.


Social media marketing tends to focus on developing interaction and discussion with customers, especially around the challenges and issues they encounter in their daily lives.

Content marketing, on the other hand, goes one stage further: publishing informative and relevant branded content that attracts prospects then moves them along the customer journey towards conversion and eventual purchase.