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Digital marketing eases building a buisness

I have been a digital marketer for a while, until 3 years ago when we decided to start a physical product brand. We started a furniture and interior design business – IG:@minime_ng ( ) and we have succeeded in creating a brand out of the strengths of digital media platforms. The business started with just a smartphone phone and internet data. No physical or capital investment. We built the brand from almost nothing and people trust us with their money, that is most times above N100,000 for a product that we have not even made, and these are people that we will not see until the day of delivery, in this same country?

I am following a Nigerian Lady that started selling cars on Instagram, of recent she started marketing the sales of Private jets. She does not need to own or manufacture those machines before making money off them.

Marketing is the differentiator. Finding buyers for products and services should be topmost priority for any company. Do you know if you know someone that need a private jet right now, and you know where to sell him/her the Jet. You will earn the kind of money people that sell Private jets make? Or people that sell banana Island Lands? Or that dress or shoe, cream.

A lot of people start businesses and don’t place good attention to marketing, some others approach marketing like they are trying to kill a mosquito with a machine gun. They waste so much resources to achieve little results. This is one of the major reasons company’s fold up, or keep declaring loss at the end of the year.

“There are no bad products, there are only products that are Marketed badly”, they say.

How is this possible? A different and strategic approach to marketing.

The internet has democratized marketing; making it affordable and easy to reach different target audiences. The possibilities are endless There are a lot of platforms and means to reach your marketing goals, the route to market is now democratized.

If your digital marketing feels a little bit haphazard, now is the time to start making some changes to the way you plan, post, and refine your content. Better yet, this might be the right occasion to bring in a group of creative professionals who can help you craft and execute a strategy that works.


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