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Beware Of Digital Lies in Nigeria

I was scrolling down my Facebook feeds and I saw this update from one of my friends: “So much ‘cock and bulls’ (misleading information) on the web today. You need to be filled with God’s Spirit to even surf the Web without being contaminated physically, spiritually, emotionally and even psychologically. So many lies, half truth, propaganda and even deliberate seeds of evil are being sold to the un-discerning populace as news. Only God can save us from the hands of the minds that conceive these ideas in our world today. Never take any information off the internet or media until you’ve scrutinized it well. This age that we live in is the age of the battle between the Naked Truth and Well Dressed Lies.

The transformation of the internet into a space where everybody can express their opinions or publish an unverified information has definitely affected the authenticity of any information that is on it. Media houses, political bodies, businesses, organization and individuals twist the information they publish to their favor. This leaves naive individuals in a position where they are misguided and consume adulterated information, which could be very detrimental if the information is needed to make life decisions.

Brands and organizations are not left out in this. Some companies use digital platforms to power marketing campaigns and build a community of customers. Most of these companies usually end up selling concepts that are unrealistic, publish information that are false, with the aim of advancing the business. But in most cases, building a product or business on falsehood is very dangerous for its long term sustainability.

There is a place for packaging in your campaigns and bringing your best foot forward, but all claims should be able to stand the litmus test of validity and time. We always help our clients plan their marketing campaigns by understanding their goals and objectives and building strategies around them. We create a digital marketing blueprint and we plan to guide their overall online presence. A plan that contains the medium to use for marketing, marketing tone, crisis management, technology to deploy etc.


Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist



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