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Digital marketing for Political Campaigns in Nigeria

Digital Marketing Website Portal Features for Political Campaigns in Nigeria

This is part two of our series of political articles. We will briefly highlight some of the features of a standard political campaigns portals. The website portal is the hub where all social and internet marketing activities are synchronized. The political web portal will also provide more control and possibilities compared to using only social profiles.

What is The Web-Portal?

Digital marketing for Political Campaigns in Nigeria

Digital marketing for Political Campaigns in Nigeria

The Digital Political Campaign PORTAL – Is an end to end solution for the effective and efficient campaign strategy for the DIGITAL dissemination of vital information and carrier of campaign montage and information besides the use of the conventional Jingle, Radio and TV Adverts, Bill boards, Postal and so on ranging from.

–          News and Feedback management

–          Opinion and traffic Management

–          Viral Campaign management

–          Other web related Portal management

–          Content Management System (CMS)

–          Support for Campaign fund generation

–          Custom built Social community networking management

–          Web Casting of activities for global assessment

–          Web Audio-visual montage management

–          Voice Messaging Integration

–          2-way messaging

–          Full online presence for all internet audience (Social Media, Search Engines, Popular Blogs and Forums etc)


For is management, The Campaign web portal should have an interface for all stakeholders from different phases and diasporas which would be customized for the reason of the campaign and governance to make use of the modules it wants or needs. This is easy to use and to configure.




The solution would:

  • Serve as an operational model for the implementation of political campaigns in Nigeria.
  • And Also:
    • Make the general public know the intent of their government;
    • Help feed information
    • Serves as data Bank for the campaign organisation;
    • Help the Institution generate income;
    • Help sort prospective according to geo-political zones;
    • Helps in capturing the exact audience and saves time
    • Helps the efficiency and very confidentiality of the campaign vital information
    • Helps in tracking of strategic personality, polling units or zones.
    • Helps in harnessing the strategic blue-print for the campaign and governance
    • Helps the Aspirants in launching them beyond all sentiments, as their real profile and antecedents can be assessed to be better known.
    • Helps to maintain good interactive feature for effective feedback communication


  • Create a synergy between all parties to this agreement in terms of:
    • A sizeable Return on Investment (ROI) based on the equity participation the Campaign strategy would be making on the e-Campaign Portal System
    • Service delivery to the Union and its stakeholders
    • Support and maintenance to the Union and its stakeholders


  • Creating an IT (Information Technology) enabled environment accessible by all stakeholders


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