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Use Emails to Strengthen your Relationships

What’s great about email marketing is that it’s one of the best types of marketing campaigns to carry out, the benefits are instant, and when implemented correctly the return on investment is substantial.

We will manage your email campaign for you, also get you landing pages. If you send emails a lot we will charge you a monthly fee and also provide you additional emails for your campaign if required.

 Our Cost/Month: (Promotional Package)

Starter 5,000
5,000 emails/ Week  (20,000 in a Month) NGN 35,000
Basic 10,000
10,000 emails/ Week (40,000 in a Month) NGN 50,000
Pro 20,000
20,000 emails/ Week (80,000 in a Month) NGN 70,000
Premium 30,000
30,000 emails/ Week (120,000 in a Month) NGN 90,000
Custom 40,000
40,000 emails/ Week  (160,000 in a Month) NGN 110,000
Enterprise 50,000
50,000 emails/ Week  (200,000 in a Month) NGN 130,000















The best form of email marketing is the one done to the contacts that is built, those who opt in to get constant feeds from your company. We can help you build strategies to achieve this.

At Gavaar, we provide Digital marketing services and training: Web Development, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Branding, Geo-Marketing etc. 

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Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist

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