Email Marketing

When we advise most of our clients to engage in email marketing they usually associate it with spam, while they are comfortable with their salespeople or telemarketers move from door-to-door where they have no control over how they interact with their prospects. If you think email marketing involves sending people unsolicited Viagra ads, think again.

What’s great about email marketing is that it’s one of the easiest types of marketing campaigns to carry out, the benefits are instant, and when implemented correctly the return on investment is substantial.

Email Marketing can help you:

Build your relationship with existing customers.

Encourage repeat business.

Acquire new customers.

Persuade people to buy something.

When it is used with permission for building and maintaining relationships with your customers, email marketing is an efficient and powerful tool that needs to be part of your online marketing mix.

At Gavaar, we will work with you to build your email marketing strategy while using proven tools to achieve measurable results.