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Excerpt from Tell Magazine Interview: New Cutting Edge for SMEs

By embracing the internet, many operators of small and medium enterprise now market their products seamlessly to existing clients and attract new ones, reaping bountifully in the process.

Experts also believe that since internet marketing connects organisations with qualified potential customers and takes business development to a much higher level than traditional marketing, it presents numerous advantages to growing and establishing businesses. Micheal Abisuga, co-founder, Gavaar Solutions Limited, an internet marketing and brand communications company, explains some of the benefits of online marketing, He said the new media marketing is cost effective in the sense that large audiences are reached at a proportion of the cost of traditional advertising budgets, enabling businesses to create appealing consumer adverts. Abisuga also said the online marketing is flexible and convenient. “Internet marketing is a flexible system of marketing because when a mistake is discovered in the content of an advert even when it has been posted, it can be easily be corrected immediately,” he explained.

The I.T expert said organisations and consumers can post and purchase products and services at their pace and convenience. Explaining further on the merits of web marketing, Abisuga said consumers can be demographically targeted much more effectively online than offline. He added that feedback is faster, which can lead to the building of long lasting relationships between the seller and the buyer.

Despite the growing internet usage in Nigeria, experts have bemoaned the low patronage of internet marketing especially by big organisations. They said while some businesses in Nigeria still don’t have an Internet Marketing tool as basic as a website; those that do, don’t have good ones. Abisuga stressed that this is due to the fact that most businesses are not aware of the benefits of internet marketing.


curled from TELL May 11, No. 19. 2015. Page 42-43

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