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How to get more Customers from search engine (II)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technical practice; however it involves a lot of marketing activities. There are possibilities for higher success rates in your SEO implementation when it is treated more as a marketing function than a technical practice. SEO practitioners need to understand the company’s policies, services, products, business strategy, branding, business structure, competitive landscape and other business components such as efforts of other marketing divisions, whether online or offline.

SEO like every other marketing activity must be implemented with specific goals and objectives. In our first post, we considered how SEO marketers can understand search intents and leverage those intents to achieve higher results. However, the first stage of implementing any SEO plan is setting specific goals and objectives. Here are some of the factors to consider while setting your SEO objectives.

Branding Goals and Achieving Visibilities: Most consumers and search engine users associate companies with high placement in search engines results with business trust and authenticity. This is mostly achieved by optimising some search terms and keywords related to the industry e.g. Optimising ‘Shoes’ for a fashion company.

Business/Revenue Model: The main purpose of the site should determine what the SEO practitioner should optimise. The purpose could be to sell products, generate leads, sell advertising or create awareness.

Your Budget: The amount of money you are willing to dedicate to the SEO process is very important in setting the goals and objectives. It also includes the budget for content development which is a part of link building to guarantee better search engine placement.

Competitive Landscape: Other companies/products in your category might determine your SEO goals and objectives. Your business competitors SEO strategies will affect how you set yours.

When the objectives have been clearly defined you are ready to perform a research on the ways to implement your strategies.



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