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How to get more customers from Search Engines (I)

Search engines are tools driven by intent. For you to grab a market share of the traffic search engines provide for your industry it is important to understand your audience. Once you understand how your target market searches for goods, services and products, you can position yourself to reach those audiences and ultimately keep them.

At the heart of such understanding are the types of searches users perform, which are basically 3 – Navigational, Informational and Transactional.

Navigational searches involve searching with the intent of finding a particular website. In most cases, the user does not know the exact URL to the website, and the search engines serves as a kind of “white pages”.

Opportunities for Marketers: Pull searchers away from their intended destination.

Traffic Value: The average traffic value for this type of searches is very high if the search is for the marketer’s brand. The user performing this type of search is already aware of the brand or product and does not represent a new customer.  However, this search also provides opportunity to cart away customers from competitors.

Informational searches involves long search for queries, such as ‘the name of the first president of Nigeria’, it also could involve the search for information about products and services. Informational searches are basically non-transaction oriented; the information itself is the goal and no interaction is required apart from reading.

Opportunities for Marketers: You can create positive impression about your product or service.

Traffic Value: The searcher might have any intention to buy anything at first or even in the long term, but the same searcher might later perform a more refine search which might lead to a transaction. Informational searches provide opportunities to capture prospective customers mindshare.

Transactional searches as the name implies leads to a transaction – which could be signing up for a demo account, making a purchase etc.

Opportunities for Marketers: Record a purchase.

Traffic Value: Very High


Brand and product marketers needs to leverage on all the forms of searches by using and promoting keywords that are targeted at users performing different types of queries (navigational, informational and transactional) related to their brand and industry.

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