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Is your website fit for business? – What to Focus on in 2018

In 2017, your target audience will become more choosy and highly impatient towards a sub-standard website. Your website is your most precious digital asset and should properly represent your business or brand.

Those running a business or organisation without a website are going to be the biggest losers in 2017, because we are already advancing in the digital age anyone without a

Below are some checklist to make sure your website is functioning optimally:

  1. Does your website design, branding meet your business goals and objectives?
  2. How fast does your website load?
  3. Is your website mobile friendly?
  4. Is your website optimised to rank high on search engine (what we call search engine optimisation)?
  5. Is your website built to convert your prospects/visitors to customers?
  6. How relevant are the contents on your site to your goals and vision?
  7. Is your website bug free?
  8. Does your website provide a gateway to your social media accounts?
  9. etc.

There will be more technological development and adoption in 2017, and the year will support the success of businesses with a well rounded digital portfolio and strategy.

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