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Digital Platforms to Direct Investments


The effect of recent recession that hit America’s financial sector is still having ripple effects on not only companies in America, but also in Europe at large. This has resulted in the folding-up of big multinational firms, medium/small scale firms, and massive layoffs of manpower in several organizations, thereby leading to loss of revenue and market share.


In a bid to escape from total collapse, some of these companies toed the path of massive layoffs of workers, cutting down on branches and drastically reducing salaries as well as selling-off company’s assets. In some instances, a combination of these strategies did little or nothing in preventing eventual collapse of such companies.


With over 150 million populations and still growing, Nigeria has become a very attractive emerging market for recession-hit companies in Europe and America to direct their investments into existing and viable business opportunities that abounds here.


As a result, most investors are in search of profitable emerging economies to direct their investments, especially countries with huge returns on investment potentials. The economy restructuring currently been implemented by the current administration and of recent, the countrywide implementation of Internet broadband policy. All these trends present unique opportunities for organisations in Nigeria in increasing their product’s wider coverage, reach, accessibility etc.


The enabling business environment being put in place has helped to position Nigeria as an enviable investment destination in Africa. Small and medium scale businesses and entrepreneurs should embrace the opportunity in order to take their business and ideas to the next level by using digital marketing channels like e-commerce, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing, content marketing etc.


Many smart Small and Medium Scale (SMS) businesses & entrepreneurs have successfully used these platforms in taking their businesses to the next level, thereby attracting huge direct foreign investments. Examples of such business are formerly known as, etc. These companies have been able to attract huge direct foreign investments into their businesses and have positioned themselves as preferred leaders in their various industries.


Leveraging on these (digital) technological platforms would also go a long way in addressing the ease of doing business, help in confidence building among the international investor’s communities, open up more economic activities, create employment opportunities, encourage a more cashless economy etc. aim is to help Nigerian businesses leverage the opportunities online, by effectively implementing measurable strategies in promoting their brand, reaching new markets, improve on their sales and achieve sustainable growth and development – positioning the business for multiple investments opportunities.


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