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State of Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Marketing in a Digital Nigeria

The Nigerian Digital space has witnessed tremendous growth, people now turn to their digital devices for a lot of activities; information consumption, communication, socialisation, entertainment etc.

  Statistics Note
Total Population 183.5 Million  
Active Internet Users 70.3 Million Penetration: 38 %
Active Social Media Accounts 13.6 Million Penetration: 7%
Mobile Connections 138 Million Vs Population 75%
Active Mobile Social Accounts 12.4 Million Penetration: 12.4%

The table above shows the amount of people on digital platforms in Nigeria

What does this mean:

It means if you have not been taking Digital marketing seriously, it’s time to have a re-think, but let us go back to the prevailing topic.

We can look at the state of digital marketing in Nigeria from different views, but we will start this series with a little focus on companies and organisations.

Most Nigerians see Digital marketing as something of a lower prominence, that’s why companies and various organisations in Nigeria usually discriminate between the traditional marketing department and digital marketing department. They usually conceive Digital marketing and make it look like an after-thought, an addendum. This is understandable, as digital marketing just penetrated our community fabrics in the last 10 years. Marketing is marketing, and all marketing contains digital components; marketing on radio, TV or newspapers. Since most of these organisations don’t have a ‘TV marketing department’, ‘news paper marketing department’ etc. why do they now create a separate ‘digital marketing department’.

So, the marketing efforts of these companies end up being fragmented and disjointed, with a corresponding effect on the overall results. We look forward to a Nigeria where all marketing efforts will be planned with the integration of all chosen marketing channels and consumer touch-points.

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