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Misconception About Digital marketing in Nigeria

Misconceptions about Internet Marketing in Nigeria

We have a lot of people in this country that need to learn what surrounds the reality of internet marketing. There are other set of people that require a process of unlearning, because they are filled with wrong pre-conceived ideas. These people are mostly small and medium business operators trying to open up their business to the online market, however, we still marvel at the demonstration of incompetence or lack of a digital marketing strategy within some large organisations in the country. Don’t push me to mention a few.

I will attempt to headline some few points under this subject:

Anyone can do it: Yes, that’s true, but you might be setting up yourself for failure. You need to understand what internet marketing really entails – Web Development, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Online Advertising, Content Marketing, Strategies Development, Reputation Management etc. Majority of Nigerians think internet marketing starts and ends with Facebook and Twitter.

Some people employ wrong hands:  How do you explain a company that deals in oil and gas – with the intention of promoting an upcoming event, employing the services of a twitter marketer that predominantly has followers interested in consuming entertainment and gossip news?

Some people want the results they are not prepared for:  You want to run an online campaign to drive more sales or enrolment, but your website is in an apologetic state. You will need to analyse your entire online digital DNA before stepping a foot into some rivers.

Some people want to be fed with lies: I get to some prospects/clients and advice them they need to build a following and push out contents with less marketing tone, and they tell you they are not interested in all that process, what they want is immediate results, immediate turnovers, and immediate sales. So, immediate results they’ll get, but let them credit my account first for service provision Innocent. But seriously, the expert knows the strategies that work well for most online marketing objectives, why not give their advice a trial.

There are still more and we will probably continue in subsequent posts, but meanwhile, what else do you think we are getting wrong in this part of the world?


Michael Abisuga

Idea-to-Reality Strategist



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