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Your Missing Marketing Ingredients

I have been marketing for more than 8 years and one thing people usually mix up is the assumption that marketing has a super-secret ingredient – closing a sale does not have a secret that is hidden somewhere that once you unlock, you will start getting more orders than you can handle.

However, marketing is like cooking a particular recipe of food. There are different cooking ingredients that need to go into the pot at different times to bring out the final meal and make it great. You can’t pour rice into a pot on fire without water and expect it to give you a normal rice, water need to go in first.

The secret to having a successful brand or business that always turns sales always demands a lot of little efforts combined to provide a final recipe that positions it to convert. You have to constantly bring the pieces together to solve the puzzle. The watch phrase is ‘constantly’, as marketing is a non-stop process.

Let me attempt to paint a simple scenario. Emeka starts a business to sell Solar Inverters, the first thing Emeka did was to come up with a befitting business name and a tag line that clearly states his business and target markets, registers the business and opens business bank accounts. He approached a graphics designer to get a Logo and gets his business branded. He then sets up Instagram and Facebook accounts. He starts posting pictures of his products, informs his friends on his personal social accounts about his business, he gets few following and continues to post. He now has 68 followers on Instagram and 104 on his Facebook page after 3 months of activities. Emeka now feels digital marketing is not working for his business.

Emeka’s attempt to market online is very commendable and still have a lot of potentials to grow, but he might be leaving a lot of money on the table by not adding more spice to his digital efforts. So, what are the pieces he might be leaving out? I will just mention two out of some of the things he might need to add into the mix to have a more solid brand online.

Visibility and Reach

Emeka will need to have a strategy and put systems in place to gain more visibility to reach more of his target market across the internet, this will in turn grow his social following and marketing reach. How can he go about this?

  1. Website: Most of the people looking to buy solar panels usually go to Google to make a search and research. Emeka left out the development of a Search Engine friendly website for his business when setting up his digital assets. A website is one of your most important digital assets, unlike social pages, you own it and can tweak it to do whatever you require for your business. In addition, people that finds any business through search engine are serious customers that are in need of your products or services and you will need to be ready to close the sales.
  2. Adverts: Having social pages and posting contents without a means for his target market to see them is like winking in the dark. He needs to get the message in-front of the right people. He can use sponsored posts on already established platforms to get his message out or do targeted paid adverts. He will need to make an effort to reach more than his current circle and connections.

Contents Consistency and Potency

How consistent are his posts? Does he post at random times when he feels like it or has a plan? Are the posts deliberate and directed to his target audiences needs and pain points?

These and so much more are pieces Emeka need to look into to build a solid presence online.


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