Mobile Marketing

Many elements make mobile marketing remarkable-it is uniquely suited to help potential customers find you or learn about your products precisely when they need them. Many customers have their phones with them all the time, frequently as their primary means of communication with the rest of the world. Many people even report that they would be “lost” without their cellphone and find it hard to imagine life without it.

Mobile marketing describes any attempt to appeal to potential customers with some sort of marketing message.

We provide the following mobile marketing:

• Mobile advertising, in which brands pay to display visual ads embedded within the content of another website

• SMS and MMS

• Location-based mobile marketing

• Mobile applications

• Mobile search marketing

• Offline marketing in TV, radio and print

• Online marketing on websites, in searches, and with email


__Mobile Marketing Is the Most Personal Form of Web Marketing

Mobile phones are not shared, like traditional phones or desktop computers might be, so they are a uniquely targeted means of communication. The mobile phone is the most personal piece of technology that most of us will ever own.

• Our mobile phones are with us all the time. They know who we call and who we text, and they can triangulate where we are throughout the day.

• Smart phones have access to our entire address book and calendar. They can see what websites we are looking at and what applications we are downloading.

• Our mobile phones know what kind of entertainment we like. We use them to download and play videos, play games, or listen to music.

• Mobile phones can even hold and distribute digital likenesses of us with cameras, videos, and voice recordings.

__Mobile Marketing Is the Most Targeted Form of Web Marketing

__Mobile Marketing Is More Actionable Than Other Forms of Web Marketing