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The More Money Making Container

There is a joint close to my house, where I always branch to take cold drinks on hot afternoons. I just discovered Coca-cola had made a smaller bottle size, now being sold at the same price we used to buy a bigger one. “This is a recession bottle,” I mumbled to myself in annoyance. But then, instead of reducing the size, why can’t they eliminate the cost of making a bottle to give us more content, and serve the drink into cups straight from a water-dispenser-like device? 

To make the matter worse, if you buy the drink inside a glass bottle, the mama-joint will not even allow you to take your bottle away in peace, she will collect it back as if it is a rented property. Chai! 
She will even be using style to hurry you up to drink quick, because she wants to go deposit the empty bottles to get another crate of filled drinks. So, I decided to always buy the one inside plastic container and THROW THE BOTTLE AWAY. I will not condone cheating!
The bottle, however, is the biggest secret to the global reach and viral-sales of soda drinks, starting from Coca-cola. Coke was discovered in 1886, and was being sold into glass cups in joints, exactly the way I proposed above. The introduction of the bottle containers in 1894, gave the drink wings to fly across the oceans into all countries of the world, and skyrocketed their sales. The day the internet was birthed, was the day an electronic bottle container was introduced to personal and business brands all over the world. Now you can start a business and give it a global reach from your living room or the other room, provided you can project and market it well on the internet.
Many personal and business brands have made, and are still making fortunes from the internet, while some keep struggling. Your ability to use the internet to your utmost advantage  determines what you get out of it. As a digital marketing company, we at Gavaar want to help our friends overcome the challenges they face in projecting and making money for their personal brands and businesses online. FOR FREE!!!
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