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Digital marketing for Political Campaigns in Nigeria

Why you need Digital Marketing for your Political Campaign in Nigeria

We all know how much power the citizens have in choosing those that lead them politically in our democratic government. This is why we have this short post highlighting some of the reasons why you should adopt digital marketing for your political campaigns and take it seriously.


  1. The Internet is a powerful tool for communication and political action. The use of social media for election campaign as increased as political parties are reaching voters through the internet.
  2. Social media sites and tools matter for your political campaign.  As their usage becomes more widespread among the public at large, more and more voters will use these sites to become engaged with the political process.
  3. It’s no secret that one of the cornerstone of President Buhari’s of Nigeria and Barack Obama’s of the United States of America presidential election victories was their campaign’s adept use of social media and internet technologies. The campaign team leveraged the power of mainstream social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram and integrating them to a campaign website (, and reinforced them with extensive testing and market research tools.
  4. Your political rivals are already campaigning on the internet, or will do soon.
  5. Offline (traditional) campaign are particularly too difficult to measure. Internet campaign platform presents a unique two-way communication line for instant feedbacks from potential voters.
  6. More important than getting supporters using the Internet, potential voters are listening to your prospects and are already communicating directly and personal with your opponents.


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