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Online personal and business reputation management is a growing problem that will only get worse in Nigeria, as more and more people use search engines (especially Google) to do background research on people, products and companies they interact with.

A lot of companies and high end individuals don’t take reputation management seriously until a stream of bad reports about them start flowing. Reputation management is better done when it is pre-prepared, when there is a system and strategy put in place to counter or check every bad reports as they drop on every social platform and all online platforms, including blogs, news portal, forums, comment sections etc.

It’s not easy to game search engines to bury bad reports or negative press, but it is very possible by following industry standard reputation management techniques.

There are two ways to reputation management: 1. Black Hats and 2. White Hats.  ‘White Hats’ provide reputation management legitimate services. These are methods used to improve a company’s or person’s reputation standing through tried-and-true marketing techniques that don’t violate any rules.

There’s also a seamier, ‘dark side’ (Black Hats) of the reputation management industry filled with people who break rules, and sometimes laws. Some of them offer services that can border on blackmail. Lol

At Gavaar we understand the field of reputation management is not a joke, and we put our best foot forward to make sure we get it right for our clients all the time.

This is a little Joke in the Online reputation management space – When asked how much does Online Reputation really cost? It could cost you your reputation.


Contact us today, and start your journey to an all round positive reputation across all medias.

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