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Paying the prize for marketing


Attraction is very important in real life relationships. You cannot leave to chance, what you intend to attract because there are lot of things out there waiting to be attracted. You need the right strategy, pay the right prize and watch your targets fall into your arms. If you want someone successful, what steps are you taking to be successful? Success is a continuum, a journey. My point here is that, if you want to attract someone who you define as successful, you need to develop your own ideas of what success means to you and what that looks like,then take action to continue your journey. Even if you want to attract a person of certain interest,where are you spending your time? A good indication of what your values are is where you spend most of your time and money. Are you always at a fast food restaurants? Bars? Or, are you spending times at fitness centres, healthy grocery stores or book clubs? Think about who is attracted to each environment and evaluate if you want to be a part of that. For every attraction there must be a catch or a prize, even the look and fashion roll of the parties is a prize that must be paid.

Attraction is also applicable in business relationships. In the area of running marketing campaigns to attract new prospects or customers, whether there is need for a direct patronage, building a marketing list or increase social media followers, setting the right price to attract people cannot be overemphasized. Most times, marketing campaigns strive when there is a prize, something to make people consider the offer, an incentive, a rebate or enrollment for an exclusive package,all in an effort to promote awareness towards your organization.

As with any social media contest, you don’t want just any followers. You want the right followers. Your brand evangelists. The best way to find those people is to offer a prize that’s relevant to them as well as your brand.

Giving away an iPad or an iPhone might attract a lot of attention, but the entrants may not be your target audience. You’re more likely to attract users who are actually interested in your brand if you give away something that’s related to your product or service, breeding a beneficial long term relationship or partnership. An example, is a company selling sanitary pads, giving away laptops in a promotional campaign. This might turn out to be a marketing disaster as most of the people that will turn-up might end up mostly males, instead of females which are the original intended brand target market.

At Gavaar, we run promotional campaigns for our clients and we advise them on the best prize and strategy to use to guarantee the right attraction in a saturated market place.


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