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Prices of products posted on social media

There is this long and enduring debate if entrepreneurs should add or not add prices to products they sell on  social media.
Alot of people are of the opinion that if you don’t put the cost of a product and you want people to DM to order, you have something to hide or you are trying to give different price tag to different people based on your perception of how rich they are .. They also claim to avoid products with no price tag like a plague. They have a point but .. ..
We also run a furniture making company, and with my years experience running digital campaigns for different customers,  you need to take this from me.. Entrepreneurs are out to make sales and not to make people with popular opinions happy. If you run a company and tried A and B. If A gives you more result, it will make no sense to stick to B because people give bad opinions about A.
We have tried to put prices on our products on social media, and they never get sold. You know why? Cos it’s our products that have prices on them that people avoid like a plaque.. And once people avoid your posts on social media, and there are no likes and comments, the algorithm will stop showing that post to more people, and you will end up not selling that product, even if you boost the post with paid adverts. You will end up paying more per click or impression.
So my answer to either put price or not; is for people to do whatever works for them. You need to understand what you sell and try all methods of selling and stick to and improve what works. We sell affordable – luxury items that are customisable and are made on order. If you sell defined products like bags, shoes, foods that their prices are not above N100,000 it might pay you to put your price to sell faster.
Even our most discounted deals that you won’t find anywhere creep like snail.. .. But you see that post where people comment “how much? Ow musssh? Kindly DM price? Do u hv it in blueee? How much to send it to Abuja?”
Those posts/products move like crazy.
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