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Only people that have been living under the rock for more than a decade will not know what the internet is by now. But if you fall in this category, don’t be shy, call me – 08061126646. Now that we have that out of the way, allow me to quickly list why everyone should consider using the internet for marketing, and why those not fully utilising digital channels should do a reappraisal.

1. Most of your customers and prospects are already online and on social-media Web sites. More people, especially young, according to research are spending less time on traditional media like television, radios and more time online.

2. Your competitors are already marketing on the internet, or will do soon.

3. The old marketing—interruption marketing—is in permanent decline. The new ways to reach customers are permission marketing, conversational marketing, and socialmarketing. Without participating in internet marketing, your company simply cannot master the new process of customer contact.

4. Offline (traditional) advertising are particularly too expensive and quite difficult to measure.

5. More important than selling using the internet world is listening to your customers and communicating your brand directly and personally.

At Gavaar, we provide Digital marketing services: Web Development, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing,Online Advertising, Branding, Geo-Marketing etc. 

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