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Social Media Data

Social Media Data, Generation and Usage

I was a keynote speaker at the just concluded Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) workshop on the Effective Use of Social Media Advertising and Management. I was commissioned to deliver a paper titled ‘Social Media Data, Generation and Usage’.

Started the presentation with the definition of Social Media and why it has become paramount for brands to use it to reach out to a wider range of  consumers.

We also examined how User generated contents stands at the crux of every social media channel. “While social media provides never ending avenues for communicating, it is the individuals who serve as the influencers not the technology. User generated content produces social currency for marketers because it helps define a brand. User generated content describes. The sum of all ways in which people make use of social media, usually applied to describe the various forms of media content that are publicly available and created by end users”

We moved to discuss what social data is, and its various forms. Social media data typically describes information created and curated by individual users and collected from public digital spaces.

Some of the raw social media data can include:


  • Likes
  • Mentions
  • Impressions
  • Hashtag usage
  • URL clicks
  • Keyword analysis
  • New followers
  • Comments
  • Tweets etc.

We discussed how to collect social data by using analytics tools provided on each social platforms. For example Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Google Analytics. We ended the section on analytics tools by looking at some commercial tools like Hootsuite, sentiment140, Brandwatch, Keyhole etc.

We then discussed declared user social data i.e. data we can get by collecting  the profile information of social users. For example, age, sex, location, email, phone numbers etc.

We concluded with a look at how marketers can use the social data they collect to improve their bottom-line: –

  1. Social Data can be used to expand their audience
  2. Social Data can be used to uncover and plug leakage in the sales circle.
  3. Social Data can be used to find influencers and brands
  4. Data can also be used to align content with behavior
  5. Social Data can be used to create better products.
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