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Tell Her You Want Her, before someone else Does

As a guy, you would probably have experienced losing someone you love to someone else because you took too long to express how you really feel with the appropriate words and action. You end up losing the one you truly care about or end up in the dreaded ‘friend zone’. Just like Men are constantly losing out on a great fulfilling relationship with someone they want, brands and businesses are also losing out on converting prospects to paying clients or customers, because they are not initiating the right action.

Today, a lot of businesses are online, executing lots of marketing activities without seeing corresponding returns in their investment. This setback could be as a result of not asking targets to take some kind of actions, because, most times we say a lot without actually saying exactly what we want to say, and we implement a lot of marketing activities without getting people to do what we intend them to.

Your marketing efforts is lacking a ‘call to action’

A “call to action” is just what the words suggest. Just like asking a woman for a committed relationship, it’s something designed to get a prospect to take action. Today there are billions of web pages and corporate social media accounts, the least thing you want is for someone to come to your website or social page and leave without you establishing any form of connection with them.

Likewise, on your website and social pages, when people like what they see and they want to contact you immediately, your phone number, email address and other contact information should be visible from any point on the system. If you run a campaign or write a great content with the intention to close a sale, you might lack a call to action, like – click here to register, contact us now! etc.

If these things seem so obvious, and are relatively simple to include, then why aren’t more businesses doing them?

It’s a combination of things.  Sometimes we can’t “see” what is obvious to others.  Since we know that phone number is there — somewhere — it never occurs to us that it’s hard for an outsider to find.  Or we may just not have an organized list of what a good website, social page, content or marketing campaign should contain.  A lot of  businesses don’t have full-time marketing staff, or the staff could be small and overloaded.  A best practices list falls to the wayside when you are short on resources.

In conclusion, a lot of businesses miss out on a great relationship with a prospect by some simple omissions and in-actions in their digital marketing efforts and channels, and competitors capitalizes on that and close the deal.

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