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The Kitchen, Living Room and The Other Room

Recently, Nigeria witnessed an outburst over its’ president speech that his wife belongs to the kitchen, living room and the other room. The issue is a very sensitive one that generated a global reaction with a lot of individuals, bodies and organisation weighing in on the debate, with various views, position and analysis. Fortunately, I am not here to bore you with another perspective analysing why someone is wrong or right, or who goofed. Rather, I am here to relate the kitchen, living room and the other room to business digital marketing operations, because that’s what we do.

We will make some representation of some key spaces and throw-in other representations.

Just like the home/house is the building space for every family, your company should have a digital marketing backend, a building space – where you constantly prepare what your target audience(s) will consume.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where you cook what your target market will consume. This is your content power-space. It is where you do the dirty work of blending different ingredients, using texts, images, sounds and videos and prepare a delightful masterpiece that your target will find irresistible for consumption.

The Living Room

The Living Room happens to be the strategy room, what happens in the living room should decide what you take to the Kitchen. The Living room is where you deliberate on strategy, analyse your current marketing goals and objectives and decide when (time), and where (platforms/channels) and how to feed your consumers with your final product.

The Other Room

The Other Room is a very delicate place where the main stakeholders sit and analyse the final outcome of the digital marketing drive. If their marketing goals has been met. If they should continue with the same drive, refine it or discard it for a new strategy. This is where the head of digital marketing goes to present what they have achieved to the head of the company, or where a consultant gives a report of success rate to a client.

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