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If you think you know about Internet Marketing. You are probably WRONG.

I was having a chat with a friend of mine on Facebook, we have not been in touch for long. He is good with programming and all those Techy stuffs. He is one of the guys that pioneered e-commerce in Nigeria and he guided me in my early days when I was learning PHP. During the conversation he asked what I am into now, and I answered apart from the normal web development and I.T consultancy, and my current GIS masters programme, I also do internet marketing. He now responded; oh, so you run Facebook and Google advert for clients. My next response was “Ermm”. Ermm, I don’t even know where to start. Internet marketing is such a wide subject and a 1000 pages book is not enough to fully capture all the subject matters in the field.

Below are 4 points why your perception about internet marketing is probably wrong:

Internet marketing is not lonely:

Yea, that’s exactly what you imply when you think internet marketing is just limited to a particular area. The truth is; internet marketing is so wide that a typical marketer can easily get distracted because of the overwhelming attention each field demands. Internet marketing can be in different forms: Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Micro-Blogging, Social Networks, Social Bookmarking, Video Media) etc.

Internet marketing is a skill:

Is a skill you develop by putting in conscious effort to learn the workings of different platforms, consumer behaviour on those platforms, different set of tools and setting the right goals for different marketing projects etc.

The Internet market is dynamic and never static: You are probably familiar with the saying – “You can’t do tomorrows business with yesterday’s knowledge”.  There is no industry that witness continuous spontaneous change like the Information Technology industry and sitting right at the centre of this industry is the internet. Every player in the industry keeps introducing new tools and updates to remain competitive, while there are new players coming up to compete with existing once. Consumer behaviour also shifts with the changing technology, so for you to stay ahead of the curve as an internet marketer, you have to stay up-to-date with changing trends daily.

Beyond the Tech Geeks:

One of the biggest misconceptions about internet marketing is that you need to be a web geek in order to succeed. The reality is that some of the best online marketers in the world would struggle to know their PHP from their HTML. What they’re good at is identifying customer needs, creating a product to fill that need, attracting those customers to a web site, and converting them into sales. In some ways, a lack of technical knowledge can be more of a bonus than a limitation: You’re focused on finding the best possible solution for potential and existing customers—rather than making life easy for web designers and developers—so sacrificing nothing in the act of pleasing your customers. But if you can combine being a Tech geek and a good internet marketer you are genius.

There are more points I could throw in here, but another thing about internet marketing is keeping it simple and yet effective.

We are in an economy were we are usually late to capture and rightly implement changing trends and technology, but I and my team at Gavaar are constantly putting in conscious efforts to give our clients competitive advantage in today’s global economy driven by the World Wide Web (WWW).


Michael Abisuga



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