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Typical Digital Marketing Campaign Objectives

Digital Marketing campaign can address several business challenges. A customized digital marketing campaign can be designed to achieve specific objectives.

Following is a list of some of the prominent campaign objectives, which may be selected and prioritized based on your business requirements.

a. Increase online brand awareness

b. Increase awareness about the company

c. Increase awareness about the services

d. Increase direct site traffic

e. Promote newly launched products/ services

f. Increase website visibility

g. Established company’s management as industry experts

h. Increase brand leadership

i. Increase sales leads

j. Increase conversations on website

k. Increase application installation

l. Establish company’s reputation as a source of useful information by republishing content & articles

m. Mobilize HR recruiting

n. Change company’s perceived image / public opinion

o. Popularize company’s re-branding

p. Establish company’s image as:

  • Socially Responsible Company (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Best employer / better career path / better employee development
  • Best place to work
  • Best / good paymaster
  • Customer – Student oriented company/ offers good customer – student care
  • Good product / Service quality
  •  Financial stability
  • Strong Management
  • Good corporate governance

q. Damage control / reputation management / minimizing negative feed backs on social networks

r. Popularize viral marketing / word-of-mouth publicity schemes

s. Increase incoming links through social media / initiate link-bait schemes

t. Customers Service and Client Relations


Based on the campaign objectives you will indicate in the ‘Project Objectives & Scope Survey’ document, We would design a customized internet marketing strategy to efficiently address your business challenges.


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