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Understanding Digital Marketing Timing

Understanding Timing

It is a known fact that everything on earth is dependent on time. The failure and success of a relationship also depends on both parties understanding timing, because for everything there is a time and a season.

In real-life relationships,couples need to understand the best time to make certain moves on their partners.

Timing also have a great impact on your marketing activities. There are times you will get the best results from your efforts. For example:

  • Business emails campaign sent between 9am and noon on weekdays guarantees more open rates than those sent at other times.
  • Posting to Facebook between 1pm and 3pm guarantees much more engagement, because most people need some motivation to get through the afternoon slump, that is if Facebook is not blocked in your office 🙂
  • Obviously because everyone will be sleeping getting prepared for work the next day, almost no one is checking in on LinkedIn between 10pm to 6am (Monday to Friday).

Timing variations and behaviors also depends on demographic and geography. So it is very necessary to understand your long term and short term marketing goals and objectives.

Timing sometimes are seasonal. For example,you need to understand when it is Christmas, when the roll call is about valentine and schedule your marketing efforts accordingly.

There are no basic rules for “social timing”, because it all depends on what kind of business you’re into,your market and your users/customers. Our advice is that, simply test your online promotion using different time variations. But you can always contact us if you need help in any area of your online and on-ground marketing/branding activities.

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