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Using Video for Digital Marketing in Nigeria

Since a picture can tell more than a thousand words, imagine what a video can tell, probably more than 10,000 words? A video uses the combination of audible words and moving pictures to tell your brand’s story.

Data from recent research shows that a lot of the young generation consume more video contents on the internet than on Television. As a result many brands are turning to videos to create educating, entertaining and creative contents. You don’t have to have a massive Television budget to get your video campaigns in the faces of your prospects; and your prospects can also be part of your vehicle to make your videos go viral. Most of the digital and social platforms gives you an easy way to share your video contents and they are absolutely free to use. Popular platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and SnapChat; a platform that is buzzing among teens and youth.

As seen below, Volvo Trucks is a great example of a business that chose not to play it safe in favour of an out-of-the-box success.

Volvo Trucks bypassed the challenges most B2B companies face by creating the most successful B2B ad campaigns we’ve ever seen, and all it took was a little muscle from Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Volvo Trucks is a subsidiary of AB Volvo and the second-largest heavy-duty truck company in the world.  About two years ago, they premiered “The Epic Split” on the company’s YouTube page.  The one-minute-and sixteen-second clip has 83 million views on YouTube.

Gavaar is a media and communication company. Video production for brands  is a major part of our services. We will help conceptualise, develop and market your videos to achieve your set marketing goals and objectives.


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